Glitz & Bits Vintage : Vintage finds to treasure.
Glitz & Bits first started it's life as a jewellery shop, where we took our love of the unusual and turned it into a lovely little web shop selling jewellery and accessories. From there it grew as we started to incorporate our love of vintage into the business, going on to open the vintage side of our business; Glitz & Bits Vintage, a couple of years later.

Since then the vintage side has certainly taken over, as a family run business we've brought our love of the past into our selection of vintage finds, picking items from the 1960's-1980's in particular.

Today, Glitz & Bits Vintage has taken over the business and we're solely stocking lovely vintage finds to treasure, selling them over at our Etsy, Depop & Ebay shops. With pieces that are selected for their striking design, quaint patterns, and stylish looks, we pick items that we love, that we know you'll just adore.

Shop online from our latest selection of finds at Etsy, alongside our Depop & Ebay shops.

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