Why Vintage?

The word "vintage" has often been thrown around as a catch all term to describe everything from pre-loved clothing, to a fine aged vintage wine, or a particular look and style of an item that has that vintage feel to it.

For us here at Glitz & Bits Vintage, it's all about a love of the past, from nostalgia to well loved finds from a bygone era. Whether it's a piece of costume jewellery dating back to the 1930's, or a piece of pottery from the 1980's, we treat every item the same, no matter what it's era.

Vintage, as opposed to antique, covers a broad range of eras and styles, dating from the 1910's to the early 1990's - if it was made in the last century, chances are it's a vintage find!

Here at Glitz & Bits Vintage we take treasured finds from the past and turn them into loved future finds, you'll never know what you'll find amongst our stock, but there's bound to be that one special item that you'll adore for many years to come.
With a love of the past, from the kitsch atomic finds of the mid century, to the flamboyant art deco style of the 1920's, and the swinging floral prints of the 1960's, we adore everything vintage and you can see that through our hand picked selection of unique vintage finds.

We look out for those truly unusual and unique finds, choosing to stock a broad range of vintage accessories, jewellery, homewares and crafting finds in our web store. As keen collectors ourselves we know exactly what your looking for, hunting out the best vintage finds for our shop, with our amazing range of vintage goods.

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