Other shops we sell at

We don't just sell over at Depop, you'll find a selection of our vintage wares at a couple of online marketplaces so you can shop to your personal preference!
Our main selection of wares can be found at Depop the handy app that lets you shop with ease on the go! Browse our latest additions at a mere click, on your phone or tablet - with a lovely selection of wares to shop from.

Shop our latest additions at our Depop shop: www.depop.com/en-gb/glitzandbitsvintage.

Alongside selected items listed on Ebay, bi-monthly. With a selection of vintage clothing, homewares, jewellery, and vintage inspired finds to shop from.

Shop our latest listings over on Ebay:

You never know what you'll find in our lovely web shops, so why not take a peek and see what vintage finds you'll stumble upon!

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